Saturday, 15 January 2011

comprehensive list of ableton and sound design resources

General/Theory/Production tutorials:

I'm sure everyone knows this one already, but in case you don't, this is the best blog there is on the broader subject of electronic music and its production:

Audio Tuts is another good site, some very good stuff on general theory plus some ableton specific stuff. lots of stuff to go through;

DubSpot, good stuff from the new york dj and production school;

Ableton Production Specific;

Quantize Courses have some good, well put together videos on their site, which are definitely worth checking out;

Ableton Life is a basically a repository for lots of tutorials on ableton as the name would suggest:

VST cafe is another big collection of good tutorials:

Loudon Yukons youtube channel is very good to;

Im sure everybody has come across Tom Cosm's work he's been uploading lots of great videos for a long time as well as running a very useful site, the musical direction might not be exactly to my taste but the content and general intent is really good, here are the links:

Bill Day's vimeo channel is also really good i think:

keeping it antipodean there is Nick Marshall's blog, again, if you're like me psy-trance might not be your cup of tea, but there are definitely some great things here, especially if you want to set up your Akai APC40 in a more intelligent way;

Tutorials to buy/Sound design to buy;

I must say that I've spent a lot of time looking into packages of video tutorials that are out there. Some of the big, seemingly well established names I have found to be average verging on disappointing. I'm talking about these guys;

and these guys:

...I think that this is maybe in part down to my own interest in synthesis which isn't really covered in these videos, groove 3 videos are definitely better but I found them both to be derivative and very elementary in their scope. I'm all for tutorials that try and talk about arrangement and song structure, but I think that the way it's covered here doesn't really wash.

I would however strongly recommend Nick's Tutorials:

I have bought both the Analog and the Operator series, they are very reasonably priced, actually really cheap, and through following them you will gain a valuable insight into sound design.

The Covert Operators have been on the scene for a while and I recently bought there package; 'surgical tools' and really enjoyed unpicking their instruments/sound design. They have lots of really interesting ideas and approaches to sound design and I would recommend buying some of there work.

Pure Magnetik put some good sound/preset packages together, and similar to Covert Operators work, there is real merit in buying some of their packages and unpicking what they have done.

I have no idea about how good these fairly recent, more professionally put together online courses are such as:

I would be interested in hearing peoples first hand experiences.


And I think that is it ! If anyone knows of any other high quality websites/resources that I have missed please let me know. I've covered all the ones that I think are both interesting and reflect the agenda of this blog.


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